Management is the gate to the current globalized world; it is crucial to know how organizations work and how we can influence and improve their performance.

Małgorzata Piasecka, MA, MBA
International Business Management, Management and Leadership

Business Management

International Business Management (IBM) is a unique program of study that combines International Relations and International Business with Humanistic Management. In the era of globalization, management strategies should be aligned with needs of multicultural societies and international business environment. Therefore a great deal of  emphasis should be placed on practicing soft skills, which enable students to become successful leaders of international teams..

About the Program

International Business Management (IBM) is a unique program of study that combines International Relations and International Business with Humanistic Management. In the era of globalization, management strategies should be aligned with needs of multicultural societies and international business environment. Therefore a great deal of  emphasis should be placed on practicing soft skills, which enable students to become successful leaders of international teams. 

Graduates are granted a Bachelor Degree in Management and Leadership with Specialization in International Business Management.

Level: Graduate Studies (B.A.)
Mode: Full-time
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)


Language requirements:
IELTS 5.5; CAE 47-51; TOEFL iBT 69-70;
TOEFL Computer-based 196; TOEFL Paper-based 525

Why Study International Business Management?

Our goal is to create future leaders who can successfully face the complex and highly volatile world of business. The program combines elements of basic business competencies, such as human resources management, marketing, finance, economics, and law, with a humanistic perspective, dedicated to sustainability, diversity, and social responsibility. The program is directed to those who are passionate about the social side of organizational life and want to use their knowledge in the practice of management. It would also be exciting to all those who wish to gain knowledge and skills, indispensable in understanding of international business and also want to develop their sensitivity and imagination that will enable them to perceive chances and risks in the fast-changing environment.

Focus on Practical Implementation

The IBM program reduces theory to the minimum. You acquire knowledge that you can actually use in your future profession. There are many workshops, discussions, project-oriented seminars and learning-by-doing. Students hone their business skills including accounting, management of various sectors of economy, implementation of modern technologies in business, and preparation of competitive tenders. IBM is taught by practitioners and it is address to future practitioners. Our staff coaches rather than lectures. They do not tell you how to do things, they show you. What is more, they know what they are talking about, because they have already done it themselves. They have created their own businesses and charities. They work for think tanks and research centers, and they teach what they practice in real life. Furthermore, our lecturers, as renowned experts in their respective fields, are often invited to join political and socioeconomic debates in the media.

Custom-Designed Curriculum

Management is more than a craft. It is, in fact, an art which requires imagination, and intuition to spot opportunities in the surrounding world. Our program has been designed to be taught in small groups, which enables good contact with teachers. It is delivered in a variety of teaching methods, including seminars, workshops, group work, and e-learning modules. All courses are assigned credits in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The language of instruction is English.

Multicultural Environment

SWPS University offers a friendly and multicultural environment for development. The IBM program provides an opportunity to meet fellow students from all over the world and to gain cross-cultural competences thanks to daily practical experience of cultural diversity. Moreover, students have ample opportunities to practice English not only in class, but also in daily and informal interactions with each other.

Road to graduation

During the first year you will be introduced to the fundamentals of business organizations, market research, business economics, descriptive statistics, psychological management, and information technology. You will also be learning about Polish language and culture. Additionally, you will develop your English writing skills, which will help you later to write your thesis in the following years of study.

Road to

The second year of study will focus on political economy and international relations, organizational behavior, business law, cultural management, and cultural diversity on the job market. You will also continue classes in statistics, marketing and academic writing in English. Furthermore, you will be attending a Bachelor’s seminar, conducted by your chosen thesis advisor, who will support you in writing your thesis. Additionally, you will be able to choose a few elective courses aligned with your interests, for example courses about cultural areas represented by languages, such as Chinese, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, German, and French.

During the third year you will learn finance and accounting for non-financial managers. Additionally, you will broaden your knowledge and further develop your skills in marketing and academic writing. Again, you will be able to choose a few elective courses to supplement your compulsory curriculum. You will also continue working with your thesis advisor in preparation for your Bachelor’s thesis defense.


Market Research

Develops analytical skills and prepares students for conducting market research through various channels including online and telephone surveys as well as interviews with individuals or focus groups. Graduates are well skilled in advanced data analyses, evaluation of new market opportunities based on customers' preferences, predicting trends, etc.

Cultural Management

Cultural Management - Management and Marketing in Culture prepares students for careers in multicultural institutions dealing with cultural heritage or entertainment industry.

Psychological Management

Graduates of Psychological Management can work in a variety of sectors and environments. Understanding how people interact with each other is crucial for success in the business world. Even professions in Data Management or Accounting require interpersonal relation skills.

International Business Relations

Prepares students for careers in international and multicultural companies and political organizations. Develops inter-cultural competencies and awareness. 

Small Business Management

Small Business Management - Entrepreneurship and Innovation is a perfect specialization for budding entrepreneurs, wishing to start their own business.

After Graduation

Further Education

Graduates of the IBM program may choose from a variety of Master’s level studies at SWPS University, including Language Studies (English, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish), Psychology (Clinical Psychology and Applied Social Psychology), and Creative Writing. They may also opt to develop their skills at one of our Summer Schools that offer courses on Global Management and European Neighborhood Policy.

Career Prospects

Our undergraduate program in International Business Management provides students with knowledge, skills and abilities that are indispensable for future managers and consultants, working in all kinds of organizations, both in Poland and abroad. Graduates build successful careers working for small and medium companies, international corporations, public administration, and NGOs.


Małgorzata Piasecka, M.A., MBA

Lecturer in English and Business Management

Professor Philip Zimbardo

Social Psychology Expert

Andrew Buchanan

Career Counselling

Professor Dorota Ilczuk

Professor of Economics and Cultural Management, Founder of the Pro Cultura Foundation

Professor Radosław Markowski

Political Science Expert

Igor Lyubashenko, Ph.D.

Political Science Expert

Professor Krzysztof Gawlikowski

South-East Asia and Political Science Expert, author of political and strategic white papers for governments of various countries, experienced business consultant

Professor Klaus Bachmann

Historian and Political Scientist

Dorota Wiszejko-Wierzbicka, Ph.D.

Psychologist and Mediator

Jerzy Kociatkiewicz, Ph.D.

Lecturer in Management

Agnieszka Kwiatkowska, Ph.D.

Sociologist and Political Science Specialist

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Full-Time Studies
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